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Finding joy in family, work and play.


I'm a mom, a cook, a traveler, a reader, a writer, and a lover of sunshine and fresh air. Nonprofit work has been my calling for over 20 years. This industry has taught me to be creative, dream big, and do more with less.  My clients are making the world a better place and it is an honor for me to support their mission-driven work. 

If you are struggling to get a new nonprofit off the ground, or you find yourself needing skilled assistance but can't afford another full-time employee, I can help.  I'm well connected in the Shasta County area and love helping clients improve collaboration and organizational efficiency. Since 2016, I have raised over $6.1 million to support local and national nonprofits. 

More about me and my musings can be found on my personal blog.

Meet Some of My Clients

Nonprofit management, consultant, Redding, fundraising

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